Dennis Hope

Owner/Plant Manager

We are a custom molder that has a wide variety of services to offer our customers.  Our molding machines range in tonnage from 33 tons to 500 tons currently.  In addition to the Injection Molding at our facility, Polydyne L.L.C. can offer the convenience of Full Service Tooling through our many vendor contacts and business service partners.  Tooling assistance may range from design and review through the complete tool build and production of parts. Quality systems are being written and improved continuously and are in operation on the facility production floor. All of the systems and processes in our facility are in place to aid in the production of parts which range from the most simple to process resins to the highly engineered type resins.  We currently manufacture parts for the Defense Industry, the Sporting Industry, the Automotive Industry, and some Consumer Goods. Our technical staff and management are highly trained in both the quality and the production of plastic processing and post molding procedures.  Operations managers are from the Injection Molding industry and possess broad, extensive, and varying backgrounds in their fields of expertise.  Some of the specialty skills that we have developed in our facility include Insert Molding and Two-Shot (Over-molding) processes.  In addition to the molding expertise at our facility, we are very experienced in post molding operations as well.  Part decoration and assembly capabilities include Hot Stamping, Ultrasonic Welding, and Metal Insert Molding. Below is a brief overview of how injection molding works. Let us know if you have questions.